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Robert D. Brusen


2013 - November, 8th - "You bring charm to China" Award at Water Cube - Beijing
2012 - "Top Magazine" Award for coaching/teaching blind Chinese girl pianist , Niko
2012 - "Top Magazine" Cultural Humanitarian Award
2011 - China Art Agency - Best Jazz Artist Award
2011 - China Art - Best Pop Opera Artist Award
2010 - Beijing Government - Humanitarian Award
2009 - Guangzhou Artist Award
2004 - Mongolian Award for Artistic Education in Mongolia
1999 - Russia Awards for concerts across Siberia

All of Me

Please allow me to introduce you to, or more accurately those of you who are not already sufficiently fortunate to have made the acquaintance of my big, bountiful, benevolent, beatific, bounteous, beautiful, bona-fidebuddy, Bob Bellows.

Indeed, now I think about it , everything about Bob Bellows is big: his tall, imposing physical stature, his immense talents, his intellect, his humanity, his magnanimity, his profound graciousness and courteousness, his modesty, his kindness and gentility, his sense of humor, and perhaps most important of all, his heart.

Furthermore, it has been a very "big" experience, nay a privilege to even meet Bob Bellows. a man who despite having an unbelievable all embracing magnificent and glittering performing career ( a career which incidentally has taken him to all corners of the gobe, and brought him into contact with some of the most important, distinguished and influential people from all walks of life including some of the world's greatest artists and presidents) as you will discern from reading this fabulous book, is one of the least arrogant, least affected, least pretentious, most sane, most well balanced and most genuine people I have ever met. His incredible voice and an unparalleled ability to convey and put across a lyric like virtually no other. as well as his oft commented damn fine piano chops and his genuine stage presence.

His book will give you a glimpse into the true soul of a true artist and genuinely great man.

Mark Latimer

Some reviews about Mark Latimer:

'One of the most innovative musicians to have emerged in years."
Cadence Magazine

"Mark plays Horowitz-like fury, and dare-devil energy."
BBC Music Magazine

'Unclassified, mind-blowing-improvisations"

Named "Robert Brusen" when he was born in Menomonie, Wisconsin, Bob Bellows' parents wasted no time with his musical education. At the age of four his father sat him on a piano bench and said, "Play!" He has been playing and singing ever since. First in his hometown, and now all over the world!

At the age of 15 he started touring with a small group. Realizing he needed to learn more, Bob enrolled in the McPhail Conservatory of Music in Minneapolis. With a fine musical education, piano and operatic voice training, he set out again on his musical journey to become the finely polished performer he is today.

Winning the "Stairway to Stardom" contest at WCCO Radio Minneapolis earned him an invitation to sing "Love is a Many Splendored Thing", at the World Premiere of the movie in New York City. He went on to experiment with theatre. His performances as the lead in "Life with Father" and "You Can't Take it With You" in regional theatre were widely acclaimed.

Bob's early days of experimentation in different areas of show business honed his skills as a showman which led to interviews on many radio and TV talk shows. But music is Bob's heart and soul. If you ask him, he will tell you, he feels he is best in live concert venues.

He has performed for diplomats, ambassadors and diversified audiences in many countries - Africa, Russia, Europe, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau as well as the United States. Bob has earned his place as an internationally acclaimed performer, winning the hearts of his fans in concert halls, night clubs and music colleges - performing jazz, cabaret, Broadway show tunes and love songs that bring memories, tears, laughter and romance to his listeners.

Bob will tell you, he believes that music is a ladder for the soul. He shares his gift freely with everyone, whether in fine music halls and theatres in Russia, hotels in the Caribbean and South America, luxury cruise ships, or in the "gers" (tents) of the nomad tribes of Mongolia.

John D. MacDonald, the popular author of mystery novels wrote of Bob, "I am intrigued by this good man - in good voice - creating all those nostalgias, big and small, which are a necessary magic to us all."

Sammy Cahn, song writer for Frank Sinatra and famous composer for the stars, after one of Bob's performances sent him a note: "You are a "P.P.P" which stands for "Proper Piano Player" and that is the highest compliment I know."

An Asian critic wrote: "Bob Bellows is the absolute essence of the All-American entertainer with an international flair."

"I Wish You Love" is a reprise of Bob's personal favorites from his previously released albums. His first CD release, "Straight Down the Middle" leads off with the famous golf song written by Sammy Cahn. Bob and his friends, internationally recognized jazz artists, are featured. Bonus tracks include Bob's Jazz Stride Piano.

Bob is committed to serving the goals of an international community whether at home or abroad, through his work and in his personal life. Bob and his wife, Jene, make their home in Florida and China.